SAS Security: Our Personnel

 Personnel are the foundation upon which our business is built and this is what we in turn market to our  clients. We have always been extremely strict with our selection procedures to ensure that we recruit the  best security officers possible from the joint “pool” which all security companies are forced to draw from. Our  selection procedure is extremely strict and we ensure that our client’s high expectations are met by means of  this procedure.

 In this section of our presentation our goal is to try and explain the steps that we take to ensure that you  are supplied with the best possible caliber of security officer.

 officer Specification

 The officer specification is undoubtedly the most important factor in determining the recruitment of security  officers, as this is the product, which we market. Careful attention is paid to the following points, which with  very few exceptions, is the minimum standard, which we are prepared to accept.

Physically fit and in good health.
Minimum height 1.60m / 5’6’.
Weight of approximately 70 kilograms / 157 pounds.
Aged between 20 and 40 years old.
Fluency in English and Afrikaans.
Even tempered and self confidant.
Registered with the Security Officers Board and full background checks completed.
Good written and verbal communication skills.
Previous security experience.
Points number 3 and 4 are however negotiable against skills.

 Pre-Employment Screening

Must be registered by the Security Officers Board.
Must have relevant training certificates from an accredited training institute.
Completion of application forms.
Clean track record / background checks/reference checks/ITC checks.
Height 1.6 meters.
No serious illnesses.
Age group between 20 and 40 years old.
Possession of a valid I. D. document.

 Uniform Policy

 At SAS Security we have two basic types of uniform namely the military look and the corporate look. For your  particular application and client profile we would recommend the corporate look as being most suitable. When  one makes use of the corporate look this should be the only uniform being worn by Security Officers  permanently deployed. The choice of uniform would often depend on the work environment and the image to  be portrayed.

 All Security Officers receive their uniform free of charge. They also receive a monthly cleaning allowance for  their uniforms.

 Corporate Uniform
 This uniform may be worn mainly in commercial environments as well as some retail environments.

 Step-out Uniform
 This uniform may be worn mainly in industrial environments as well as some retail environments.

 Security Officers Board

 The security officer’s board is the governing body of the security industry. At SAS Security we pay  particular attention to complying with these legal requirements in the running our company. In all the years  that we have been in existence we have never received a fine or penalty for non-compliance with the  stipulations as laid down by the Board.

 All security officers in our employee are required by law to carry their S.O.B. registration cards on their  person. In addition to this, there are certain sites, which have their own unique identification cards, which  the security officers carry on their person.

 Everyone in the employ of the company is registered with the S.O.B. from executive management to  administration and clerical staff.